The Denice M Cunningham Foundation is a new charitable fund in the fight against ALS. Denice was my mother, and the fourth member of our family to succumb to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis along with her sisters, Tina and Josie, and her nephew, Edward. The Foundation supports charities and non-profit organizations devoted to ALS research, patient care, advocacy and awareness.

My reason for setting up The Foundation in my mother’s name is simple: I now have a vocation in life to do everything I can to advance treatments for ALS. We are living in an exciting time as genetic discoveries are moving forward faster than expected. I strongly believe that in my lifetime I will see the beginning of the end of this disease, and the next generation will have better treatment options available to them. My hope is that future generations will live in a world where amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is not only treatable, but avoidable. ALS is no different than any other disease or affliction that can be eradicated.

If you are a non-profit agency devoted to the fight against ALS, providing patient care, family care-taker support, or bio-medical research seeking new cures, therapies, conducting clinical drug trials and the like, then we welcome your request to be considered in one of our upcoming capital raises. Just go to the Apply page and submit your request.

The Foundation operates a charitable fund to donate to ALS related causes. Each quarter we raise capital and donate to a specific entity involved in the fight against ALS. We provide grants to medical research facilities, doctors, and scientists working on cures and treatments for ALS. We donate to organizations on the front-lines in the battle against ALS who provide patient and caregiver support. These organizations need money to take care of patients and families dealing with this disease, and The Denice M Cunningham Foundation was established to continually fund those operations and keep them going. We seek corporate donations from businesses that want to give back to their community and participate in charitable giving for social causes.

The Denice M Cunningham Foundation website is a way to stay connected and be involved. The site will keep donors and advocates informed about what we are doing, how we are doing it, who is helping us, and who is benefitting from our work. Keep up with the latests trends on ALS research, find out more about who we partner with, our donors, and the organizations we help. If there is anything you want to know, or would like to make a donation, please contact us.

We love our members and welcome  feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact  page to learn more or email info@dmcfund.org.

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